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South Park characters -- with masks -- fill stands to root for Denver Broncos

Friendly faces day or night! Cartman and crew are rooting on their favorite NFL team.

South Park's mouthy kids are Denver Broncos fans -- Cartman briefly thought he was fathered by a member of the 1989 team. Now the Comedy Central characters are showing up for Sunday's Broncos-Tampa Bay Buccaneers game at Denver's Empower Field at Mile High. Due to the coronavirus outbreak, only 5,700 human fans are allowed to attend the game in person, so 1,800 cutouts of South Park characters will fill some of the seats.

The Broncos and NFL reporters tweeted out images of the animated stands.

Based on photos from the pregame, the characters are practicing good virus behavior -- all of them are wearing masks, like they will be in the South Park Pandemic Special

Familiar main characters such as Cartman, Kenny, Kyle and Stan are there, as well as minor characters and other townspeople drawn in South Park style. (Hey, parka-clad Kenny always had a muffled voice, now with the mask, he has another excuse.)

The animated comedy was created by Trey Parker and Matt Stone, who grew up in Colorado, and set the show there in the fictional mountain town of South Park.