Sinemia Limitless is a $70 card with a $100 value

You don't need to subscribe or even use the app.

Marrian Zhou Staff Reporter
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Marrian Zhou

Sinemia offers new plan called Sinemia Limitless. 


Sinemia now has a plan that doesn't require a subscription or even a phone. Launched Thursday, Sinemia Limitless lets you purchase a $100 card for $70. You then use that card to buy movie tickets anywhere, not just through the Sinemia app.

Users also get an additional five percent discount on tickets when they use Sinemia Limitless at the company's partnered movie theaters through Sinemia's direct ticketing feature. The card works like a debit card, meaning customers can use it online or directly at the box office. 

"We're proud to offer a range of options for every type of moviegoer, including simpler plan without any limitations for those who prefer not to commit to a subscription," said Rifat Oguz, CEO and founder of Sinemia, in a release. "With Sinemia Limitless, even people without a smartphone can see movies at a discount with Sinemia at any theater."

Sinemia has several different plants to tempt movie watchers away from competitors like MoviePass and AMC's Stubs A-List. In September, Sinemia added a $30 plan that grants users a movie every day in any theater with no blackout days. In January, the company dropped prices and added a rollover option for movie tickets customers hadn't used in the previous month.

Sinemia was sued earlier this month over alleged "hidden 'processing fees' typically in the amount of $1.80 per movie ticket." The plaintiffs alleged that Sinemia advertised its packages as one price, and charged customers extra fees without their knowledge in advance.