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See 'The Last of Us' Monster Twerk With Pedro Pascal in SNL TikTok

The Saturday Night Live TikTok proves the monsters from The Last of Us can still get down.

Pedro Pascal SNL
Pedro Pascal will make his SNL hosting debut on Feb. 4.
Rosalind OConnor/NBC via Getty Images

The Clickers from HBO's The Last of Us are just like us. They also wouldn't pass up the chance to dance with Pedro Pascal.

In a TikTok video posted by Saturday Night Live on Wednesday, Pascal and a person dressed as one of the show's terrifying infected groove to Latto's "Big Energy."

The brief clip, also posted to SNL's Instagram Reels, comes ahead of Pascal's SNL hosting debut on Feb. 4. There's twerking and even a potential reference to Pascal's past acceptance of being the internet's "daddy." It's everything a TikTok should be. 


♬ original sound - Saturday Night Live - SNL

HBO's The Last of Us is based on the acclaimed video game of the same name and stars Pascal and Bella Ramsey as survivors of a fungal pandemic that destroys civilization. Given the bleakness of the show, the upbeat dancing is even more welcome.

SNL also released a promo earlier on Wednesday with Pascal and what appears to be the same gruesome Clicker. Pascal tries to take out the monster, but it turns out to be a cast member.