See creepy new footage from Amazon Prime horror show Lore

From NYCC 2018, more on what to expect from season 2. Sometimes the scariest stories are true.

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Are you ready to be horrified by the new season of Lore on Amazon Prime?

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Witches, murderers, ghosts, plagues and other scary things descend in the new season of Amazon's horror series Lore

Based on the award-winning Lore podcast of the same name, the streaming horror anthology series retells some of the most frightening real-life tales in history using documentary footage and dramatic reenactments.

Amazon Prime Video released an exclusive behind-the-scenes video of the highly anticipated second season of Lore during the show's panel at New York Comic Con on Friday.

The NYCC panel featured executive producers Gale Anne Hurd and Howard T. Owens, podcast creator and show narrator Aaron Mahnke, showrunner Sean Crouch and series actors Josh Bowman, Thomas Kretschmann, Alicia Witt and Elie Haddad.

"We follow the lives of these true-life characters," Hurd said during the panel. "You invest in this world that they try to survive. You can imagine yourself in these worlds and imagine 'what would you do'? but also making sure we are not taking away from the supernatural aspect."

The upcoming six-episode second season will feature new tales including true-life stories around the Witch of Hadley Mary Webster; rocket scientist Jack Parsons' obsession with black magic; the dangerous quest to fix the Orloj astronomical clock during the Black Plague in Prague; and an unsolved murder of an entire family in Germany, to name a few.

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The first season included stories of consumption cases inspiring Bram Stoker's vampire novel Dracula; the horrifying legacy of Dr. Walter Freeman, father of the ice pick lobotomy; the changeling murders; the dark side of the Spiritualist Movement; the origin of the Bedburg werewolf of Germany; and the curse of Robert the Doll.

The best part of the series is knowing that after watching each episode, you can discover more about these real-life stories by going down a Wikipedia rabbit hole. 

Because of Lore, I now know too much about the effects of lobotomies, why people were accidentally buried alive from "dying" of consumption, and how a fanatical belief in fairytales can turn you into a murderer. I also have a lot more nightmares. Gee thanks, Amazon.

There are also Lore books written by series creator Aaron Mahnke for even more history lessons on everything from real-life cannibals to serial killer H. H. Holmes and his notorious murder hotel.

Season 2 of the Amazon Prime Original series Lore premieres Oct. 19, just in time to get you in the mood for Halloween. 

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