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See Apple TV Plus' first trailer for sci-fi series Invasion

Crop circle, check. Sam Neill, check.

Sam Neill stars in the Apple TV Plus sci-fi.
Apple TV Plus

Apple TV Plus is slowly racking up a stash of sci-fi TV shows, from Jason Momoa-starring See to Steven Spielberg-produced anthology Amazing Stories. Its next is Invasion, a sci-fi series starring Sam Neill, Shamier Anderson (you'll remember him from Netflix's Stowaway) and more. It follows a wide variety of people from around the world dealing with an otherworldly presence. The moody drama, as well as the alien mystery, are strong.

See the official trailer for Invasion below.

"As many of you know by now, we are suffering from inexplicable and seemingly unrelated incidents," a member of the UN says on a big screen in the trailer. Incidents including crop circles, power outages, destroyed houses -- and a massive alien Demogorgon-esque head. Or is it its hand?

Golshifteh Farahani, Firas Nassar and Shioli Kutsuna also star in the globe-trotting series, which filmed in New York, Morocco and Greenwich. Invasion reportedly had a hefty $200 million budget. As you can tell, travel and aliens are an expensive combination.

Invasion comes from co-creator Simon Kinberg, who wrote many of the recent X-Men films, including Dark Phoenix (which he also directed) and X-Men: Apocalypse. He was also a producer on Logan, Deadpool and The Martian, to mention a few of his higher-rated projects.

Invasion arrives on Apple TV Plus on Oct. 22 with the first three episodes, followed by a new episode each Friday.