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Ryan Reynolds leaks entire Detective Pikachu movie online

And honestly it's better than we expected.

Warner Bros. Pictures

Ryan Reynolds, world class troll and part-time actor, just posted the entire Detective Pikachu movie on the internet. 

Nice try, Reynolds. (-_^) 

Surely he'll claim he was just retweeting the account that leaked the movie to boost visibility, but the fact remains the world has now seen the Pokemon movie -- and can likely confirm it's more adorable than expected. Here, check it out for yourself:

Not gonna lie -- this kinda rules.

The best part: the account that leaked the "film" seems to have been created solely for this purpose this month. What an OBVIOUS PLANT, Reynolds. Come on, we all know you can troll better than that. 

It's inspired a Twitter account too -- you can watch Pikachu getting down to Lady GagaSmash Mouth, the Game of Thrones intro music and a spoilery moment from Avengers: Infinity War. Of course, one really stands out from the crowd.

Pokemon: Detective Pikachu is scheduled to open in theaters worldwide on May 10.

CNET's Sean Keane contributed to this report.

First published May 7 at 3:43 p.m. PT.
Update May 9 at 7:29 a.m. PT: Adds dancing Pikachu Twitter account.

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