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Rotten Tomatoes editor Mark Ellis is obsessed with Michael Jordan's The Last Dance

Ellis shares how being a comic on the road prepared him to shelter in place alone during the pandemic.

mark ellis
Mark Ellis
Mark Ellis

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Mark Ellis is a stand-up comedian and the host of Versus, the Rotten Tomatoes YouTube show where he pits two movies or TV shows against each other to determine which one's better. It has something for everyone: for instance, there's a Jaws vs. Jurassic Park episode and one that pits The Office against Friends.

In a new episode of CNET's I'm So Obsessed podcast, Ellis talks about his life as a stand-up and working with Rotten Tomatoes, and he shares what he's been watching during the pandemic.

Basketball has been a big theme. He admits to watching the ESPN Michael Jordan documentary The Last Dance multiple times, and he's enjoying reliving the '90s Chicago Bulls with the help of 2020 social media.

"It's been great to go back in time and relive everything that I already knew about Michael Jordan and about the Chicago Bulls. But getting to have that conversation now in 2020 on social media and with my friends has been so cool for me." said Ellis. "There was stuff in there that I was not familiar with or that I was learning for the first time. But a lot of it is like, 'Oh, I remember that.' And, 'Oh, I forgot that.'"

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