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Rocketeer reboot blasting onto Disney Plus with David Oyelowo

The Return of the Rocketeer will see a retired Tuskegee airman strap on the jetpack and iconic helmet.

The Rocketeer
The Rocketeer is on Disney Plus now.

Rocket-propelled kids classic The Rocketeer is fueling up for a reboot on Disney Plus.

The Return of the Rocketeer will be produced by David and Jessica Oyelowo and will feature a retired Tuskegee airman strapping on the jetpack. According to Deadline, David Oyelowo, star of Selma and Queen of Katwe, could play the pilot in question.

The original much-loved 1991 film starred Billy Campbell as a pilot in a cool helmet who used an experimental jetpack built by Howard Hughes to biff Nazis. Timothy Dalton camped it up as the bad guy in this love letter to the golden age of Hollywood adventure. Based on a comic by Dave Stevens, it became a hit and has already prompted a kids cartoon remake on Disney Plus, where you can also stream the original film.

Here's what's available to stream on Disney Plus in September.