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Rick & Morty writer developing new 'Lazy Rich Asians' TV series

Taking cues from Crazy Rich Asians, Jessica Gao, the Emmy-winning writer behind "Pickle Rick" is working on a new series for ABC.

Crazy Rich Asians.
Warner Bros Entertainment

What happens when you mix the insanity of Rick & Morty's Pickle Rick episode with the box office success of Crazy Rich Asians?

The answer is a new series, pitched as "Lazy Rich Asians," that's in the works for ABC in the US.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, writer and producer Jessica Gao is set to create the new series for ABC which follows the story of a young Chinese-American women struggling to balance the expectations of her overbearing family.

THR reports the series will centre on Janet Zhao, a woman whose wealthy grandmother dies and names her as the sole inheritor of her will, making her the "unwilling new matriarch of the family."

Management for Gao also confirmed the series to CNET. 

While the show is yet to be named, the working title shows the massive popularity of Crazy Rich Asians -- not only as an international box office success, but as a film that has spoken to the Asian-American community and viewers across the world.

Gao herself is also shaping up as a force to be reckoned with in Hollywood. A writer who has worked on Silicon Valley, Robot Chicken and the Kung Fu Panda: Legend of Awesomeness TV series, Gao recently picked up an Emmy for writing the now cult-classic Pickle Rick episode of Rick and Morty.

ABC did not immediately respond to a request for comment. 

Update, Sept. 12 at 4:17 p.m. PT: Adds confirmation from Gao's management. 

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