Ralph Breaks the Internet footage debuts at New York Comic-Con

Ralph fans are treated to 20 minutes of never-before-screened clips from the sequel that brings the arcade characters to the internet.

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The Ralph Breaks the Internet panel gave fans an early look at the movie.


Wreck It Ralph fans at New York Comic-Con 2018 got a huge treat Friday in the form of 20 minutes of never-before-screened footage from the upcoming sequel. The footage was from throughout the movie.  We describe it below for anyone who wants an early peek at the internet-themed film.

However, since the footage screened at the movie's panel was quite wide-reaching, consider this a warning for mild spoilers from throughout Ralph Breaks the Internet. Feel free to click away if you do not want to know anything about the animated movie starring John C. Reilly and Sarah Silverman. Ralph Breaks the Internet will be in theaters on Nov. 21, 2018.

Let's put in a spoiler graphic too just to give you some extra space.


Still here? Let's go:

Picking up after the end of the first Wreck It Ralph, a child playing Sugar Rush somehow manages to break the steering wheel the game, where Vanellope (Sarah Silverman) lives. While a child in the arcade finds a replacement steering wheel on eBay for $200, the wheel apparently costs more than arcade owner Stan Litwak (Ed O'Neill) says Sugar Rush makes in a year. Litwak decides the only option is to unplug Sugar Rush, leaving Vanellope devastated and homeless.

Ralph (John C. Reilly) attempts to cheer Vanellope up by giving her a place to live in his game, but she finds herself inconsolable. At the same time, Litwak decides to set up a Wi-Fi router in the arcade, which Ralph and Vanellope find out from Sonic leads to the internet, where eBay is.

Ralph and Vanellope travel through the power cables of the arcade into the router, labeled in the movie as "Wifi," and shoot themselves into the world of the internet in pursuit of this "eBay."


Vanellope asks KnowsMore how to find the steering wheel that she needs.


The internet world looks like a city dominated with real destinations like "Snapchat" and a few fictionalized ones like "BuzzTube."

On arrival, they meet KnowsMore (Alan Tudyk), who is essentially the Google search engine represented as a little purple man. When Ralph meets him, KnowsMore starts spewing out search suggestions the minute Ralph speaks a syllable. When Ralph says "Umm," KnowsMore quips back "umbrella," "Umbridge" and "Uma Thurman." KnowsMore admits his autofill is acting up a bit, and Vanellope quickly cues up a search for the Sugar Rush steering wheel to get her and Ralph moving. KnowsMore finds the listing on eBay, cuing up a vehicle that sends the duo off to eBay.

eBay itself looks like a giant auction house, which includes the voice of auctioneer champion Brian Curless among those fielding bids on "gently used hip replacements" and a potato chip that looks like Beyoncé.

Ralph and Vanellope find the auction for the Sugar Rush steering wheel, but neither are actually aware of what an auction is. Instead they think it's a game where you shout out numbers, and whoever says the biggest number wins. They pull ahead of the auction initially with a bid of $1,000, but then start competing with each other to make up the biggest number. They shoot the price up to $15,000 and more until it lands on $27,001.

Upon learning that they now need real money to purchase that wheel, Ralph and Vanellope start looking for ways they can earn the cash to complete the transaction. They first look into selling digital goods from other video games (I mean Fortnite makes big bucks selling costumes, so why not).

They enter the video game Slaughter Race, described as a apocalyptic Grand Theft Auto, and steal a car from the featured driver Shank (Gal Gadot). This doesn't work though: While Vanellope appears to stay ahead of the pursuing Shank at first, Shank outsmarts Vanellope and stops the theft.


Gal Gadot plays Shank, the featured racer from Slaughter Race.


Next, Ralph and Vanellope meet Yesss (Taraji P. Henson), the algorithm for social video site BuzzTube, who suggests they create a viral video to make the money. Ralph goes on to make a series of videos featuring himself, which takes off.

Feeling great about himself with the videos series' success, he decides to walk into a room where he can see the comments people are leaving, and he's at first upset when bad comments start appearing. Yesss finds him and lets him know that he shouldn't worry about these, that the comments often "bring out the worst in people."

Ralph mentions that he's used to people not liking him from being considered the villain of his video game, and briefly decides he doesn't need the internet anymore. But Yesss reveals that the videos have indeed earned him all the money he needed, bringing in $30,000 (but I doubt that's how it ends, considering this is a Disney movie).

Fans also got a look at the Disney Princess sequence, which is even more hilarious than previous trailers have teased. Vanellope meets the princesses, who ask her questions that showcase the various things that have gone wrong with the princesses' lives -- like if she's been poisoned or has magic powers. Then, the princesses decide they would like to ditch their gowns for Vanellope's more casual look.

After a quick transition reminiscent of the classic Adam West Batman series, the women appear dressed for a sleepover and Ariel is so excited to wear a shirt that she wants to sing about it.

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