Ralph Breaks the Internet might have taken place on a literal cloud

In this exclusive featurette, Disney filmmakers dive into how they first conceptualized and researched how the internet would look.

Early on in Ralph Breaks the Internet's planning process, the internet was almost represented as a land on a cloud. And a whole lot changed from there.

In an exclusive featurette from the Wreck-It Ralph sequel's home release, directors Rich Moore and Phil Johnston describe their first realization of the internet as a place literally in the cloud.

"Our first vision of the internet was what if everything is floating on clouds, like the real internet, we thought that's an awesome metaphor," Moore said. After sharing that with their tech guys, they quickly learned it was a terribly inaccurate metaphor.

Through research, the directors went to a building called One Wilshire, where all West Coast connections to the internet happen.

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"We saw the box where Siri lives," Moore said, further comparing this visit to the research that the Frozen team did by going to Norway.

The visit helped contribute to the movie's actual representation of the internet, which was in the form of a city that Ralph (John C. Reilly) and Vannellope (Sarah Silverman) travel to via tubes and wires.

Ralph Breaks the Internet's home release will be on Feb. 12 on Digital HD and on 4K Blu-ray, standard Blu-ray and DVD on Feb. 26.

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