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Questlove's gold Crocs were life and sole of Oscars 2021 red carpet

Perfect for when you have an awards show at 8, but want to garden right up till 7.

Questlove in gold Croc shoes at the 2021 Oscars
What a Croc: Questlove goes for gold at the 2021 Oscars.
Matt Petit/A.M.P.A.S. via Getty Images

Gold is a popular color at the Academy Awards: Every year someone wears it and ends up looking a bit like an Oscar statuette. But this year, Questlove, the show's musical director, took gilded fashion to a whole new level with a pair of gold Crocs.

Vogue magazine noticed it, tweeting "Questlove, and his gold Crocs, have arrived to the 2021 Oscars red carpet." The fashion bible seemed to like the look, publishing a story headlined, "My Oscars red carpet obsession is Questlove's golden Crocs." And if Anna Wintour's crew approves, the shoe fits.

In a night of quirky moments like Glenn Close doing "Da butt" and best supporting actor winner Daniel Kaluuya embarassing his mom, this louche-yet-lustrous footwear choice stirred up fierce fashion commentary on social media.

"Questlove can wear gold crocs to the Oscars, but I need to wear black shoes for a work uniform?" lamented one Twitter user.

Some viewers were clamoring to get their own pair of gold Crocs.


Said another, "I never knew I wanted a pair of crocs until I saw Questlove wearing gold ones on the red carpet."

Dis he spray paint them himself? Did the company custom-make them for him? Did it matter? He definitely looked comfortable, unlike some of the attendees teetering in spike heels.

"I can only DREAM of reaching @questlove's level of class and comfort with these gold #Oscars crocs," the official Hulu account tweeted.