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CNET Asks: How excited are you about The Incredibles 2?

The sequel to the beloved Pixar superhero movie is here after a 14-year wait. Are you ready for opening weekend?

La familia de Incredibles 2 al completo.

The wait is over.

It's been 14 years since we met this incredible family. The Incredibles 2 is here at last!

Now playing: Watch this: Incredibles 2 trailer splits up the superhero family

The whole Parr family is back in theaters on June 15, when we get to see little Jack-Jack's amazing collection of superpowers, a reversal of roles between Bob and Helen, and a whole new villain to defeat.

We know we have a lot of Disney-Pixar fans among our readers and we want to know if you're all locked and loaded with your tickets for opening weekend, or are you are taking a more chill approach -- it's been 14 years, what's another week after all?

Please vote in our poll below and head over our comment section to let us know why you're so excited about the sequel. Plus you can read our spoiler-free Incredibles 2 review here.