Pokemon: Twilight Wings, a Sword and Shield anime, debuts on YouTube

Inspired by the Pokemon Sword and Shield game, Twilight Wings is set in the Galar region, and the first of seven episodes is now available on the video site.

Pokemon Sword and Shield hit Nintendo Switch in November. It's getting a pair of expansions later this year, and now you can see its UK-inspired Galar region in anime form. The first episode of Pokemon: Twilight Wings hit YouTube on Wednesday.

If you've played Sword and Shield, you'll recognize characters like dapper Chairman Rose; his intense second-in-command, Oleana; and Galar Pokemon Champion Leon. But the real fun is spotting all the different Pokemon who show up.

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It's a bit odd that the Pokemon Company went with American voice actors for the English dub, since the game's script uses so many Britishisms that I imagined all the characters having UK accents. Regardless, the animation in this six-minute episode (which is set before the game) is slick.

The anime "will show in detail the dreams of Galar's residents, the realities they face, the challenges they must overcome, and the conflicts they must resolve," according to the official site. That suggests we'll jump to new characters each episode, and we may not see series protagonist Ash Ketchum at all.