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Play-Doh dropped a Poop Troop emoji-inspired play set

Kill it with fire.

Welcome to hell.

Perhaps the worship of the poo emoji has gone a little too far. We already have poo plungers and haute couture, but now we have to make room in our culture for a Poop Troop Play-Doh set from overly adventurous toymaker Hasbro. 

Hasbro says you can create "giggle-worthy poop monsters" and "famous emojis" using the set's 12 cans of Play-Doh and its accessories, which include stick-on eyes, hats, arms, ears and a big nose with a mustache. 

The kit comes with a "poo mold" that mimics the swirling emoji look when you squeeze the modeling compound into it.

The poo emoji gets a new look.


The Poop Troop set costs $14.99 through Hasbro's retail site, which unfortunately (or fortunately) doesn't ship to the UK and Australia. 

The kit doesn't limit you to the color brown. You can also mold your poo emoji in blue, orange or purple if you want to go for an Andy Warhol, pop-art take on the concept.

Please take a moment to imagine the sheer existential terror of a purple poop emoji reaching its little hands out towards you as it stares into your soul with its terrifying googly eyes.

Some Play-Doh fans on Facebook seem to be horrified by the new set. "You don't have to jump on the feces band wagon!" writes one person. "Children should not be taught that poop is a toy. Some of them already struggle with that concept anyway," writes another.

Humanity has a few options here. We could all agree to pretend Poop Troop Play-Doh doesn't exist and go about our lives as normal. We could kill it with fire. Or we could all embrace our inner poo-obsessed child, which is really who this set is aimed at.   

If nothing else, the sight of a poo emoji from now on will likely evoke the distinctive, trademarked smell of Play-Doh. You're welcome.

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