Poo Emoji Dress is surprisingly classy, but also covered in poo emoji

Betabrand's Poo Emoji Dress takes the lowbrow messaging symbol and elevates it into high fashion.

Amanda Kooser
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Amanda Kooser
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Poop emoji dress
This is some fresh fashion design. Betabrand

No longer is poo emoji fashion just for the guys. In a sweeping move for equality, clothing maker Betabrand has unveiled a Poo Emoji Dress. The dress follows Betabrand's poop emoji button-up shirt geared for men.

The Poo Emoji Dress gives a throwback nod to 1940s style with its clean-cut design, button-down front and simple neckline. From a distance, it reads as subtle and classic. It tells the world you're a woman of taste, that you don't need sequins and flash to make an impression. Up close, it reads "oh poop."

If you haven't taken a moment to really appreciate the humble poo emoji, then now is a good time. It's a little brown triangle of excrement with big eyes and a wide, all-embracing smile. In conjunction with other emoji, it can be used to communicate phrases like "pooped out" and "party pooper" along with a whole bunch of other sentiments that may require a censor.

Like with the shirt, Betabrand launched the dress through its crowdfunding page to collect preorders and gauge customer interest. There are two kinds of people in this world: Those who would pay an early-bird price of $106.20 (about £70, AU$137) for a poo emoji dress, and those who won't. The dress has already handily surpassed its funding goal, with 10 days left to go.

The dress needs to be hand-washed, which should lead to the best excuse ever to get out of a date: "I'm so sorry. I absolutely must dash. I need to go home and hand-wash my poo emoji."

Close up of Poo Emoji Dress
Who knew poo emoji could be so subtle. Betabrand