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Patrick Stewart ready to engage with a Star Wars-Star Trek crossover movie

Mark Hamill says Luke Skywalker "would have a lot to learn from Picard."

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The Star Trek and Star Wars universes clashed, briefly, in a new Uber Eats ad released this week in which Mark "Luke Skywalker" Hamill, and Patrick "Jean-Luc Picard" Stewart almost come to blows over tomatoes -- or is it to-MAH-toes? But Stewart, at least, wouldn't mind seeing the two iconic space characters meet up on the big screen. 

"I will admit that, at least for us on Star Trek, we have fantasied about a combined universe between Star Wars and Trek movie," Stewart told Men's Journal, in a new joint interview with Hamill. "There have been a lot of ideas thrown about on putting together two iconic universes, and having all of these great characters coming into contact. I would personally get such a kick out of that."

Hamill said he's often asked about a Star Trek-Star Wars rivalry, and sees the two universes as "apples and oranges," noting that fans can choose to like either, both or neither franchise. But he had some thoughts on how Luke and Jean-Luc might interact.

"I think Luke would very much respect Picard and the Starfleet force as a whole," Hamill said. "I also believe Luke is a lifelong student, despite the fact he becomes a Jedi Master, and I think he would have a lot to learn from Picard."

And Stewart says his character would be a little cautious.

"I would think that Picard would want Skywalker on his crew, but would be sure to keep a careful eye on him," Stewart said. "Because he has a few personality traits that Picard might want to keep tabs on."