Osmo Super Studio lets kids draw their own Disney cartoons

Color in Mickey, the Incredibles or other Disney characters and watch them move.

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Mike Sorrentino
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Osmo's Super Studio could be the start of a child's journey toward a Disney animation career.

The company announced Super Studio Thursday, which uses an iPad app, a base with a specialized camera and a notepad to take a child's drawings and turn them into animation.

While Osmo already has several games that combine a tablet's camera with drawings and physical objects, this is the first to include Disney characters. It's starting with booklets themed after Mickey Mouse, Incredibles 2 and Disney's princess characters.

Children won't be drawing entire cartoons on their own, but these games will allow them to color in sections of a Disney character (like Mickey's ears) on a real drawing pad, the camera will pick up exactly how the child colors the character in and it'll be displayed that way on the tablet screen.

The Super Studio Kit will be available at Apple stores for $59. It includes an iPad base, the game, a marker, eraser and the Mickey Mouse-themed book. International pricing is not yet available, but that US price roughly converts to £45 or AU$80.

Each of the three booklets without an iPad base will go for $19. Osmo also sells the iPad base separately for $29 and an iPhone version for $19. The Super Studio is on sale now through Osmo's website and in physical stores on Sept. 4 with the Mickey Mouse book. The Incredibles 2 and Disney Princess-themed books are releasing later.

Even if you don't use the eraser, ink from the marker that comes with the set will be erased from the booklet after about 48 hours, so you can use the booklet over and over again. A Super Studio rep also clarified that normal paper and ink should work with the games as well, but would be a different experience since the game's booklet correlates directly with the app.

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