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Oscars 2020 gift bag includes 24-karat gold vape pen, free Botox, cruise

Here are the luxury goods some nominees will be going home with.

Some Oscars nominees are given luxe goodie bags ahead of Hollywood's biggest night.
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Gift bags at the Oscars are a tradition for nominees in some of the top categories, but these aren't your standard goodies. As you might expect, the Hollywood crowd expects a bit more than chocolate and scented candles. Think tropical vacations and laser skin-resurfacing. 


Pee collector, anyone?

Distinctive Assets

For nearly two decades, marketing agency Distinctive Assets has been independently producing extravagant swag bags given to nominees in the best actor/actress, best supporting actor/actress and best director categories. They're delivered to nominees in the week leading up to the Oscars, and they're about as luxe as you might expect.

Distinctive Assets won't say how much the gift bag is worth, but last year's selection was reportedly valued at more than $100,000

In a press release, the agency shared a breakdown of what's in this year's bags. Gifts include a range of items, such as crystal earrings from Millianna, a 24-karat gold Hollowtips vape pen and a 12-day all-inclusive cruise from Scenic Eclipse worth over $78,000. There's also a "guided edibles tasting" of cannabis-infused chocolate from Coda Signature and a Royal Chakra Bath Bomb from Hotsy Totsy Haus made with 24-karat gold, purple Brazilian clay and coconut milk.


Nominees will get a mediation headband from Muse that "senses your mental activity and translates it into the guiding sounds of weather." When your mind is calm, you'll hear peaceful weather, and when you shift your focus, you'll hear stormy weather so you can focus on your breath again. 

Distinctive Assets

Tech-centered products include a mediation headband from Muse and a urine collector called Peezy Midstream, which promises "accurate analysis, diagnosis and treatment." Nominees also get a one-year membership to LiveItUp, a service that sends life skills via text from experts in areas such as wellness, financial health and mindfulness.  

This year's bag also features a fair share of wellness-focused gifts. Nominees get meal kits from farm-to-fork company Nutrition for Longevity; a nutrition bar from Fast Bar that "supports weight management, fasting goals, and a healthy lifestyle;" and a gift set from Essence One with natural aromatherapy products designed to help users sleep better. The set includes a sleep support rollerball, honey mint lip balm and body oil.

"While this gift bag does always have an impressive value, that is never our goal," Distinctive Assets founder Lash Fary said in a statement. "While we no longer release an official valuation, this year's gift bag is one of the best we have ever assembled."

Here are other gifts nominees will get in their swag bags:

The Oscars take place Feb. 9 at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood, and will air on ABC.

Originally published Feb. 5.