Oscars 2020: Explore nominees, streaming options in new Google search hub

Ahead of Sunday's Academy Awards ceremony, Google Search and Assistant can help you keep up and learn some Oscars history.

Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images

The 2020 Oscars ceremony is this Sunday, and Google wants to be your hub for all things red carpet-related. On Wednesday, the search giant shared a blog post with several ways its Search and Assistant features can help you keep up with all the awards.

Starting Wednesday, when you search "Oscars 2020" in Google on your phone, you'll see a hub with a full list of this year's nominees, and the ability to explore the history of the Academy Awards and past winners. You'll also find live video and photo updates throughout the show, along with the list of winners. 

If you have any questions ahead of the show, you can ask Google Assistant something like, "Hey, Google, who's nominated for Best Picture at the Oscars?" (You can also say, "Hey, Google, give me an award," and the Assistant will offer you one -- like Best Actor in a Dialogue with the Google Assistant.) 

Want to catch up on Oscar-nominated movies? Search "what to watch" to see a new category with the 2020 Oscar film nominees, and the streaming platforms you can find them on. 

Watch or stream the Oscars on Sunday at 5 p.m. PT/8 p.m. ET.