Once Upon A Deadpool post-credits scene(s), broken down

The newly reedited and toned-down version of Deadpool 2 has a couple of new post-credits scenes to look forward to. Warning: spoilers ahead.

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A new Deadpool movie called Once Upon A Deadpool just came out. Actually, it's not completely new, but a reedited PG-13 version of Deadpool 2 with some hilarious Fred Savage scenes that riff on The Princess Bride thrown in. (And if you've got more questions about it, we've got answers.) 

Deadpool 2 was rated R when it came out in June 2018. And along with a new version of the movie come a few new -- and some re-edited -- post-credits scenes. The first scene appears at the mid-credits mark, while the other new ones take place after the credits have rolled.


Inconceivable! Wary of spoilers? Need a giant picture with Marvel characters on it to warn you that they're incoming? Well, as you wish. 

Check out the original Deadpool 2 after-credits scenes. While they all appear in Once Upon A Deadpool, most are heavily edited for gore and honestly aren't quite as funny now. The new scenes from the Super Duper version of Deadpool 2 don't appear here. 

Fred Savage intro

What happens: Before the actual post-credits scenes start, Fred Savage and Deadpool talk about their love of after-credits scenes. Savage remarks that he loves them because it "feels so private," since it's just you in the theater alone after everyone else has left. Giddily adding "You know something!" "You stayed." Then the film goes into the original after-credits scenes, starting with Negasonic Teenage Warhead fixing Cable's time travel device.

Fred Savage tries to walk

What happens: After all the credits have run, we go back to the Princess Bride bedroom. Deadpool finally cuts Fred Savage loose after holding him captive for three days to tell him the story of Deadpool 2. Since Fred had his legs duct taped down, he has a bit of trouble walking once up. Deadpool helps him through the bedroom door as the camera pulls back to reveal the movie crew.

Stan Lee outtakes and tribute

What happens: One of the first teasers for Deadpool 2 had a Stan Lee cameo that wasn't in the original theatrical release or this version of the movie. We see some charming outtakes from the teaser of Stan Lee trying different versions of the line that eventually made the first version, like "Wow it's Ryan Gosling!" and "Isn't your suit supposed to be green?"

We then go into a short Lee tribute as he voices over pictures and video of himself talking about how great it is that the characters he created are so popular right now. "We wrote some good stories," he muses to the camera. It's a touching addition presented without a hint of irony.

To be sure, Lee didn't create Deadpool -- Rob Liefeld did -- but he did create the X-Men, whom Deadpool was eventually birthed from. (There's also a tribute to Lee in the new Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse film out this week.)

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