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New footage from The Batman shows up in YouTube ads

Did the Riddler hide this clip?

The Batman will show up anywhere, even in YouTube ads
The Batman will show up anywhere, even in YouTube ads.
Warner Bros

It's just over a month away from the premiere of The Batman in theaters. Brand new footage of the movie is out, but it was only available in the most unlikely and skippable of places. 

A new never-before-seen clip from The Batman showed up in a preroll YouTube ad, as spotted earlier Monday by Gizmodo. The footage shows Bruce Wayne attending a funeral, which gets interrupted when a car crashes through the church. 

The clip is strange, as it's a straight cut from the film instead of a standard trailer like Warner Bros. has already released. It's only at the very end that the title card for the movie shows up. 

The Batman will arrive in theaters on March 4. Robert Pattinson plays Batman, who is in his early years of being a superhero.