New Stranger Things 4 teaser trailer peeks inside haunted Creel House

New locations and new characters are headed to Hawkins... and beyond. Welcome to the Creel House.

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The squad from Hawkins is back.


It's been a while since Stranger Things blessed our TV sets. The third season of Stranger Things left us with plenty of unanswered questions, but it looks like season 4, due in 2022, will go about answering them. During its three-hour Tudum online fan event this weekend, Netflix finally revealed new footage of the show's upcoming fourth season, focusing on a brand new location: the Creel House.

The show's creators the Duffer Brothers describe the house as a "super important" location in season 4. We see the gang break into the ruined house in the present day, but something strange clearly went down there. We're getting massive Haunting of Hill House vibes from a glimpse of a 1950s family moving in, to the tune of Dream a Little Dream of Me by Ella Fitzgerald. Is that a clue to the horrific events that seemed to follow?

Previous trailers have shown off some new locations for the show, which makes sense since Police Chief Jim Hopper ended up in Russia at the end of last season. The show is also set to debut at least four new characters: band nerd Vickie, basketball player Patrick, guidance counselor Ms. Kelly and cheerleader Chrissy.

None will replace my prized sweetheart, Alexei. RIP, buddy.

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