'Spider Man: Homecoming' TV special reveals new scenes

"A Fan's Guide to Spider-Man: Homecoming" special provides the deepest dive yet into the world of Tom Holland's Peter Parker.

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Warning: Possible spoilers for "Spider Man: Homecoming" follow.

Tom Holland's Peter Parker might just be a kid in a world full of Marvel's Avengers, but his high school life in "Spider-Man: Homecoming" is going to be big.

Our biggest peek yet into the web-slinger's new film came in Saturday night's "A Fan's Guide to Spider-Man: Homecoming" special on the Disney Channel, which fleshed out new details on Parker's suits, his high school friends and the rise of Michael Keaton's Vulture.

Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige noted this film still has an origin element to it, but as previously revealed it will skip territory already covered in previous films.

"We come at it in a different light, he's been Spider-Man for at least six months when we meet him," Feige said. "We don't do the spider bite, we don't do the death of Uncle Ben, we've seen that before."

Instead, the special shows the moment Robert Downey Jr.'s Tony Stark meets Spider-Man, the latter donning a very basic costume assembled out of sweatpants and a hoodie before getting the upgraded suit seen in "Captain America: Civil War."

And while classic high school friends Harry Osbourne and Gwen Stacey are still unaccounted for, Parker's immediate friends will include Ned Leeds (Jacob Batalon), who is seen continually geeking out over finding out his best friend is a superhero.

"He's probably the most important relationship throughout the movie because he's the only person who he confides in to talk about being Spider-Man," Holland said.

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Michelle, played by Zendaya, is described as a weird character that seems to spend a lot of time around Peter and Ned.

"She's weird, but she's supercool to me because usually what she says is very real," Zendaya said of her character.

Getting the most new screen time of Parker's friends in this special is Tony Revolori's Flash Thompson, who serves as a rival to Parker but not a bully. And while classic love interest Mary Jane Watson is also not around, Parker will crush on Liz (Laura Harrier). She is seen in the special developing a crush on Spider-Man, with no clue at all that Spider-Man goes to school with her.

Keaton's Vulture (whose alter-ego is Adrian Toomes) might be this movie's biggest connection to the larger Marvel Cinematic Universe -- and he appears to see himself as more of a business-oriented, Indiana Jones-like figure. He obtains and sells relics from the other Marvel movies, and his winged suit is built to help him obtain these items.

"I found it a really interesting approach to what you all want to call a villain -- he does corrupt things in order to fight what he sees as corruption," Keaton said in the special.

The special is currently available on the Disney Channel and Disney XD apps on iOS and Android, with the apps requiring authentication with a TV provider to watch. A Disney Channel representative told CNET that the full special will be freely available to everyone on June 10 using those apps as well as on Disney XD's YouTube channel.

"Spider-Man: Homecoming" releases in Australia on July 6, then in the US and UK on July 7.

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