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Baymax trailer is so wholesome it earns Disney Plus a lollipop

The inflatable star of Big Hero 6 gets a series in 2022.

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A heroic robot named Baymax from animated film Big Hero 6.
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A heroic robot named Baymax from animated film Big Hero 6.

The heroic robot named Baymax from animated film Big Hero 6. 


Baymax is back, and cuter than ever. The heroic inflatable robot helps out in a super-wholesome new trailer for Disney Plus animated show Baymax, streaming in the summer of 2022.

The series follows Baymax, who stole the show in 2014 animated film Big Hero 6, working as a nurse around the fictional city of "San Fransokyo." He helps his patients recover and even takes a shift in a coffee shop, much to the dismay of the caffeine fiends unimpressed by this bumbling bionic barista. Catchphrases in the gentle comic romp include "Oh no!" and "You have earned a lollipop."

The trailer was one of a bunch of teases that came out Friday for Disney Plus Day, an event celebrating the streamer's two-year anniversary.

Baymax is just one of Disney's planned movie spin-offs. Disney also has its sights on new Disney Plus cartoon series for Moana and Zootopia, as well as one for Tiana from Princess and the Frog.

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