Netflix's first comic The Magic Order conjures Facebook AR trickery

Netflix, Facebook and Mark Millar: it's a kind of magic.

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Richard Trenholm

Netflix's first comic book The Magic Order is out today, and has a trick up its sleeve: Facebook AR that takes you inside the art.

Written by Mark Millar and illustrated by artist Oliver Coipel, the comic is described as "Harry Potter meets The Sopranos". The first issue comes with four different covers adorned with augmented reality (AR) codes. Scan them with your phone to bring the artwork to life and reveal new images.

The six-issue comic is published by Netflix as part of a deal tying Millar to the streaming service. Although his best-known stories Kick Ass and Kingsman aren't included, Netflix can dip into the writer's back catalogue of "Millarworld" comics for future TV and movie adaptations.  

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