Nerf Challenge will be a giant blaster arena debuting first in LA

The touring blaster arena is set to travel North America throughout 2020.

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Mike Sorrentino

A render of the Urban Playground arena at Nerf Challenge.


A 50,000 square foot traveling Nerf-themed venue is debuting in Los Angeles in December, and it sounds like it will put any backyard foam blaster battle venue to shame. Nerf Challenge, revealed by Hasbro and Kilburn Live on Thursday, is going to include multiple arenas, cooperative Nerf challenges and a ninja obstacle course among its activities.

Early photos of Nerf Challenge show a colorful yet industrial feel to the various activities, which will include three 4,500 square foot arenas with themes such as Urban Playground, Strange Cargo and Blast Man Standing.


Players will be dodging darts while shooting targets during the Dodge Blast activity.


Also on tap is Dodge Blast, where partnered players avoid darts while blasting stationary targets, and giant versions of foosball and bowling.

The event will also include a live stage and demos of the recently revealed Nerf Ultra One Blaster with darts that fly up to 120 feet.

Nerf Challenge will reside at the L.A. Live entertainment complex starting on Dec. 7 and will run through Jan. 5. After that, it's planned for the touring arena to head to other cities in the US and Canada, but dates and exact locations have not yet been announced.

Blaster fans hoping to check out the event can register for early access on the Nerf Challenge website, with tickets planned to go on sale Oct. 28.

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