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More People Should Watch One of the Most Underrated Shows on Netflix

Archive 81 is worth digging out of Netflix's vault.

Meara Isenberg Writer
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Meara Isenberg
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Dina Shihabi holds a video camera and appears frightened.

Dina Shihabi stars in Archive 81.

Clifton Prescod/Netflix

A puzzle box filled with tarot cards, séances, exorcisms and cults -- Netflix's Archive 81 has everything you want from a supernatural mystery. It's a forgotten gem on the streamer and should blip your radar. It's just that -- and don't let this frighten you off -- you'll have to sit through a few slightly less gripping episodes first.

Based on a horror podcast of the same name, Archive 81 stars Mamoudou Athie (also see him in the underrated sci-fi movie Black Box) and Dina Shihabi. The show was released last year, around when Netflix premiered the final episodes of Ozark. Unsurprisingly, Archive 81 got far less attention than the conclusion to the hit crime-drama.

The opening of Archive 81 immediately lays down the pieces for an eerie atmosphere. Grainy footage shows a woman pleading "please find me, please help." She then seems to scream as someone grabs her.

From that chilling opening, we jump to the perspective of media archivist Dan (Athie). Dan is hired by a mysterious, wealthy man to restore damaged video tapes recovered from a fire at a New York apartment complex in the '90s. Dan is skilled and curious. We soon learn he sadly lost his family at a young age.

By the end of the first episode, I was both freaked out and baffled. Something terrible has clearly happened to grad student Melody (Shihabi), the young woman we see in the intro who recorded the tapes. The man who offered Dan the archiving gig is watching Dan's every move on hidden cameras. Oh, and Dan caught a glimpse of his dad in the footage. What?

Mamoudou Athie in Archive 81.

Mamoudou Athie.

Quantrell D. Colbert/Netflix

Over the course of the series, the creepiness from that opening scene persists. As Dan and Melody find themselves in increasingly uncomfortable situations in their different timelines, we discover why they're compelled to see things through to the end.

Another highlight of the show is Melody's quirky roommate Anabelle, played by Julia Chan. Melody's optimistic, motivated nature is at odds with the unwelcoming Visser Building, home to paranormal-obsessed residents and evil-looking statues. The questions pile up: Why are the residents of the Visser acting so strangely? Will Melody find what she's searching for? Why is Dan talking to a rat? (That last question is never really answered.)

Julia Chan and Dina Shihabi stand near a wall covered with drawings of a woman's face.

Anabelle, played by Julia Chan, takes her drawing seriously.

Clifton Prescod/Netflix

At times, I felt creeped out and lost in Archive 81's early episodes, but after the halfway point, that changed. Completely. Archive 81 delivers a satisfying mystery that leaves you fully invested in its world. That's why Netflix made a mistake in canceling the show after one season. Thankfully, while we're left with one unresolved cliffhanger, the rest of the show answers every question I had.

If you're looking for the perfect spooky show, Archive 81 is a winner. Don't let it collect dust -- commit to a couple of episodes and let the chilling mystery draw you in.

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