Charming Scrabble keyboard puts the words at your fingertips

Turn everything you type into a triple-word score with an official Scrabble mechanical keyboard from Massdrop.

Amanda Kooser
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Amanda Kooser
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Go ahead and type "syzygy." You've got all the tiles.


If you've only ever dreamed of dropping words like "oxyphenbutazone" and "katzenjammers" on a Scrabble board, you might want to take a shortcut and pick up an officially licensed Scrabble mechanical keyboard from Massdrop.

Designer and board-game fan Cassidy Williams spent nearly a year working on the design and cold-calling Hasbro, the gaming company behind Scrabble, to get permission to make the keyboard. 

"The fonts for the letters and numbers match the Scrabble branding down to the width and spacing. The colors were picked from actual Scrabble sets," Williams writes. The keyboard also features the Scrabble logo on the "Enter" key.

Massdrop, a retailer driven by community input, makes products available for a limited amount of time. As more people sign up, the price goes lower. 

The keyboard is currently at $159.99 (£115, AU$205). It comes with a keycap puller that lets you rearrange the letters to your heart's desire. You could turn "QWERTY" into "QUARTZ" and rack up a ton of imaginary game points.

If you're a fan of just the keycaps, you can pick up a Scrabble keycap set instead. The keycap set is going for $46.99 (£34, AU$60), but has a lot of interest, which could bring the price down. For an extra fee, you can add a bag of Scrabble keycaps with all 100 tiles from the game to replace the usual wood tiles for your next board-game night.

It looks like the Massdrop keyboard will be easier to get your hands on than this one-off version made with real Scrabble tiles.

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