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Behold the $30,000 high-tech Scrabble board

This RFID-equipped Scrabble board costs 10 times more than a good hit on a triple-word score.

A glimpse at the Scrabble board to end all Scrabble boards.
Living it Loving it

Prepare to witness one of the most expensive board games ever made.

When the Prague Mind Sports Festival kicks off December 1, gamers can play on a high-tech Scrabble setup unlike any other. The festival -- which hosts tournaments for the popular word game plus bridge, backgammon, poker, League of Legends, and Counter Strike: Global Offensive -- introduced to the world this week a carbon fiber Scrabble system with LED lighting that cost more than 20,000 pounds ($31,732) to create.

For those wondering exactly why this special version of the retro board game costs so much, the Mind Sports organization notes that it utilizes "custom-built RFID technology in order to read the entire Scrabble board almost instantaneously (974 milliseconds), transmitting the information via unique software to viewers online." Observers can watch the Scrabble gameplay -- complete with HD video of the players in action -- live on the Mind Sports Web site as the tournaments unfold.

As for specifics, the powerful Scrabble setup contains 9 RFID circuit boards and 225 RFID antennae that can read tiles placed upon any Scrabble square. Additionally, each Scrabble tile contains a RFID tag within to ensure complete accuracy during the broadcast.