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Marvel's Spider-Man finally slings a decent poster

After a string of unfortunate Far From Home posters, an artistic fan gives Marvel and Sony a helping hand.

This is the good one.

After seeing Spider-Man: Far From Home, the latest and last Marvel-Sony superhero blockbuster, you probably see why its promotional posters are the way they are.

Far From Home kicks off with a recap of the superhero world post-Avengers: Endgame, presented in a hilariously terrible video edited by a couple of bright young teenagers.

Sadly, this potential connection to the real-life promotional posters means nothing. Far From Home's posters are a mystifying Photoshop mashup at best. See below.


An early offender.


Thankfully, one artistic fan swung in with a new poster for the movie's extended cut, out in cinemas Aug. 29.

The poster looks, in art terminology: legit.

Jesper Abels from the Netherlands spliced Peter Parker wearing his Iron Spider-Man suit with his Stealth Suit (or the Night Monkey suit) to win a Marvel fan art contest.

The new poster inspired other fans.

"Way better than the crap you guys released," one tweeted.

"It wasn't a contest. They were fixing your posters," another said.

How does it compare with this other official Far From Home poster?


You decide.


Fans have been dealing with a lot lately, after Sony Entertainment's announcement that Kevin Feige of Disney-owned Marvel Studios would no longer be involved in future Spider-Man films. The good news is Tom Holland will continue playing the web slinger, and he's certain Spider-Man 3 will be great.

Until the next crop of posters, we'll reserve judgement!