Marc Maron looks to join Joaquin Phoenix in Joker

The comedian may get to laugh along with The Joker origin story.

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Performances At The Ice House Comedy Club
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Performances At The Ice House Comedy Club

Marc Maron performs at The Ice House Comedy Club in Pasadena, California, on July 20.

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There will soon be a new Joker in town as Joaquin Phoenix steps into the DC Comics role for what promises to be a gritty origin story simply titled Joker. But he likely won't be the only funny guy in Gotham City. 

The Hollywood Reporter says it's confirmed that podcaster and actor Marc Maron, known for WTF With Marc Maron and his recent role in Netflix's '80s wrestling show GLOW, is in talks to join Joker. 

Details on the new film are sketchy, but Variety cites unnamed sources as saying Maron would portray a booking agent for a talk show. Robert De Niro is also reportedly in talks to co-star as the host of that show, which is somehow involved in the transition of Phoenix's character into the Clown Price of Crime. 

The Warner Bros. movie, which is not related to a potential Jared Leto spinoff, is scheduled to start filming this fall and is set for an Oct. 4, 2019 release. 

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