Man builds his own Star Wars landspeeder with parts from eBay

YouTuber Colin Furze adds to his galaxy of stupendous Star Wars projects.

Gael Fashingbauer Cooper
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Gael Fashingbauer Cooper

Sure, the Millennium Falcon is cool, but those of us who saw Star Wars: A New Hope back in 1977 remember how impressive Luke's landspeeder looked, zooming our heroes to Mos Eisley. Sure, it had a battered exterior, and wasn't the newest model, but it hovered above the surface of Tatooine like nothing we'd seen before.

And now YouTube personality Colin Furze -- who's built an AT-ACT playhouse, a TIE silencer and BB-9E droid, and a hoverbike, among other galactic projects -- has re-created Luke's iconic ride. It's the X-34, which, as you'll remember from the film, just isn't in demand since the XP-38 came out. 

In the video, Furze said the project took five weeks. It's electric-powered, but, deciding that's not enough, he added mini jet engines, plus a mirror along the bottom to make the landspeeder look as if it's hovering. (It works OK until the mirror decides to make like Boba Fett falling into the sarlacc pit and take a tumble.) 

A second video goes into detail about how he made it. Online auction site eBay sponsors his Star Wars videos, so he buys many items for them off the site, including the golf cart that serves as the speeder's base.

Riding in it sure looks like more fun than bulls-eyeing womp rats or guzzling blue milk.

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