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Mad genius Colin Furze builds a hoverbike. What could go wrong?

Great Britain's most madcap inventor jumps into his infamous work shed to design and build a bike that can fly. Well, sort of.

Hoverbikes are complex machines that require a great deal of engineering knowledge and concern for comfort and safety. However, that didn't stop YouTube's most insane inventor, Colin Furze, from building one in his work shed.

Furze unveiled a working prototype for his homemade hoverbike in a video on his YouTube channel on Thursday.

Furze's bike seems to follow the same basic design of other propeller-powered hoverbikes that are under development by companies like Aerofex and the US Army Research Laboratory. However, Furze doesn't have a doctorate in mechanical engineering or the backing of a military superpower to build his bike. All he's got are a bunch of spare parts and the uncanny will of a foolhardy daredevil who doesn't mind turning himself into a human crash test dummy.

The video doesn't just show the working prototype that Furze manages to get off the ground. It also shows snippets from some of his less successful designs and attempts, and a mod to the final design that could only come from the mind of a man who built a working set of Wolverine claws and a machine that can fart on France.