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Lego uncloaks 900-piece Hogwarts Clock Tower

Winter is here as deathly dementors fly into snowy Harry Potter sets.

Fight off Dementors with Lego's Harry Potter Expecto Patronum set.

Lego likes to go epic when it comes to Harry Potter-themed sets -- take the spellbinding 6,020-piece Hogwarts Castle it released last year as an example. The magical Lego world will soon expand to include a Dementors battle, the Triwizard Challenge, the wonky Knight Bus, Hagrid's Hut and the Hogwarts Clock Tower.

The largest of the new sets is the 922-piece Clock Tower, which includes updated Lego minifigure versions of Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, Hermione Granger and other popular characters. 

The Clock Tower covers the Defense Against the Dark Arts classroom, the Hospital Wing, Prefects' Bathroom, Dumbledore's office and cool-weather decorations for the Yule Ball. 

The Clock Tower contains 922 pieces.


The sets, which range in price from $19.99 to $89.99, will be available in the US on Aug. 1. Lego also announced a Harry Potter advent calendar stocked with minifigures and micro versions of the Hogwarts Express train and the Great Hall table. The $39.99 calendar will be released on Sept. 1.

The Harry Potter kits will also go on sale in the UK and Australia. The Clock Tower will run £84.99 or AU$$139.99.

The Lego Hagrid's Hut set lets you replay Buckbeak's rescue.


While the last movie starring Daniel Radcliffe as Harry Potter came out in 2011, the franchise is still going strong on books, Fantastic Beasts films and merchandising. 

Potter fans were thrilled at the news of an upcoming Vans shoes and Harry Potter collection. That means you may soon be able to stick your feet in some Gryffindor kicks while building a three-story purple bus with a shrunken head on board. That sounds like peak Harry Potter fandom.