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Lego's magnificent Imperial Star Destroyer is the longest Star Wars set you can buy

The 43-inch, 4,784-piece Devastator is part of Lego's Ultimate Collector Series. It costs $700.

The Empire is coming.

If you've wanted to recreate the iconic opening moments of Star Wars: A New Hope in Lego form, you're in luck. The toymaker on Thursday revealed that the 4,784-piece Imperial Star Destroyer will join its Ultimate Collector Series on Sept. 18, and it'll be the longest Star Wars set available at 43 inches (110 cm).


The set comes with a tiny Tantive IV for the Star Destroyer to swallow up.


This particular vessel is the Devastator, Darth Vader's personal transport, and has swiveling guns, a movable radar dish, massive engine exhausts and loads of cool surface detail. You also get a tiny Tantive IV (the Rebel Alliance ship it chases in the movie) to build, so you can relive that opening scene.

Beyond the ships, the set includes a pair of unique minifigures -- an Imperial officer and a crew member. Both have blasters, so they're prepared for any encounters with rebel scum (or the cast of Friends).

When paired with its 3-inch display stand, the model is 17 inches (44 cm) high and 26 inches (66 cm) wide. It'll set you back a galactic $700 (£650). Its 43-inch length makes it the longest Star Wars set on the market, but the 3,152-piece Super Star Destroyer set from 2011 was longer at 50 inches (124cm). That's been discontinued, though.

It comes out Sept. 18 in Lego Stores and on the Lego site if you're a VIP member, with general availability coming on Oct. 1.

First published at Sept. 5 at 6 a.m. PT.
Updated at 9 a.m. PT: Clarifies that the discontinued 2011 Super Star Destroyer set was longer.

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