Jupiter's Legacy trailer reveals Netflix's superpowered answer to The Boys

Streaming on Netflix May 7, the new show from comic creator Mark Millar explores what it's like to be a caped crusader's kid.

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Superheroes don't always make super parents.


Parenting is hard, even if you're a superhero. In the first trailer for new Netflix show Jupiter's Legacy, superpowers just make family relationships much more complicated.

Jupiter's Legacy's release date is May 7. The new superhero series is based on the comic book by Mark Millar (writer of The King's Man, Wanted and Kick Ass) and artist Frank Quitely, which depicts the 20th century's greatest superheroes struggling to pass on their powers -- and their responsibilities -- to their troubled children.

Starring Josh Duhamel and Leslie Bibb, Jupiter's Legacy is a character-driven take on superheroics in the vein of The Boys, Watchmen or The Umbrella Academy.

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