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Jude Law Is Captain Hook in Disney's 'Peter Pan & Wendy' Trailer

The live-action reimagining looks magical, and scary.

Ever Anderson as Wendy looks concerned in Disney Plus Peter Pan Movie
Ever Anderson's Wendy Darling is whisked away in the new trailer.
Video screenshot by Meara Isenberg/CNET

A new trailer for upcoming Disney Plus movie Peter Pan & Wendy teases adventure, magic and a frightening Captain Hook.

The movie, which starts streaming on April 28, reimagines the 1953 animated film and J.M. Barrie's novel. It stars Jude Law as the villainous pirate captain, Ever Anderson as Wendy Darling, Alexander Molony as Peter Pan and Yara Shahidi as Tinker Bell. David Lowery, who previously helmed medieval fantasy epic The Green Knight and fantasy adventure Pete's Dragon, directs.

"Hundreds of incredible artists spent many years bringing this film to the screen," Lowery said in a statement. "I'm excited for audiences to see their work, to go on this ride, and to rediscover an evergreen tale from a new perspective."