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Joker back in theaters this weekend after racking up Oscar nominations

If you didn't get the joke the first time, you'll get another shot starting Friday.

Here's your chance to see Joker on the big screen again. 
Niko Tavernise/Warner Bros. Pictures

Joker laughed its way first to massive box office success and then onto the red carpet for awards season with 11 Oscar nominations this week. Now the sobering supervillain story is coming back to theaters for a rerelease Jan. 17.

On Monday, Warner Bros. Pictures announced that the rerelease will cover 750 cinemas across North America. The studio trumpeted the movie's critical reception and awards nominations, which includes a nomination for the Best Picture Oscar.

Joker rode a magnetic performance from Joaquin Phoenix to become the first R-rated movie to rake in $1 billion on the global market. This rerelease will pad those numbers as fans return for another go-round or curious new viewers show up to see what the Oscars fuss is all about.

Get ready for a fresh round of dancing Joker memes.

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Originally published Jan. 14.