Joe Pesci gets nostalgic with Google Assistant Home Alone ad

Google slips a new Home Alone-themed ad in among the crowd of Super Bowl commercials, but it won't air during the game.

Amanda Kooser
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Amanda Kooser

Home Alone fans got all sentimental late last year when Google brought in Macaulay Culkin to reprise his role from the 1990 holiday-themed caper comedy Home Alone to promote Google Assistant. But a familiar face was missing. 

A new Google Assistant ad released Friday shows actor Joe Pesci, who played the ill-fated bandit Harry, watching Google's Home Alone Again ad with friends.

In a surprisingly sweet turn, Pesci plays himself and comments on Culkin's ad. It all leads up to a big moment at the end. 

While the ad features a party for the "big game," the ad isn't scheduled to run during the Super Bowl on Sunday, according to a Google spokeswoman. 

Google had the smarts to release the video ahead of the Rams-Patriots NFL championship game this weekend, so it will ride the crest of interest in commercials along with the wave of nostalgia for the hijinks of Home Alone.

The search giant will reportedly run two mystery ads during the game, but the company is keeping details under wraps.

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