Google Assistant is everywhere at CES 2019: Here's everything announced so far

Feast your eyes on every single Google Assistant gizmo that looked interesting at this year's show. We'll be updating all week, so check back often.

Brian Bennett
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Brian Bennett
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Google goes big this CES

After pulling out all the stops at CES last year, Google was expected to go even bigger this year. And that's what it did. The search giant has built a massive booth to showcase its Google Assistant software, and even set up an interactive ride for guests. Plus it partnered with other companies, including Samsung, Lenovo and McAfee to tout new Assistant integrations.

Originally published on Jan. 7, this gallery will be regularly updated throughout CES.

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Google Assistant Interpreter Mode

Google unveiled Assistant's Interpreter mode, which aims to serve as a go-between for people who don't speak the same language. It'll be available on Google's own Home Hub smart display, plus others made by Google's partners, including Lenovo, JBL and LG

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Lenovo Smart Clock

Lenovo just unveiled another smart display powered by Google Assistant. This time it's the Lenovo Smart Clock, a 4-inch bedside alarm clock.

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Lenovo Smart Clock

Powered by Google Assistant, the Lenovo Smart Clock can feed you information like your predicted commute time, calendar schedule, weather and news.

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Google Assistant Connect

Google wants developers to build cool stuff with Google Assistant. To that end, it introduced Google Assistant Connect at CES 2019. It's an inexpensive platform that typically comes in the form of a chipset that developers can build into their gadgets.

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Samsung TVs

Google Assistant will work with Samsung TVs, so you can turn it on, change channels and control volume using voice commands from your Google Home.

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Dish Hopper receivers

Dish's Hopper family of DVRs will have Assistant built into its remotes, so you can search for content and control other smart home devices. That builds on features first released in 2018.

TCL S305 series Roku TV
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Android TV devices

Some Android TV devices will have Google Assistant built-in too. The list iincludes Sony, Hisense, Philips, TCL, Skyworth, Xiaomi, Haier, Changhong, JVC and Toshiba. 

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Sonos home audio

Google said Assistant will get built into Sonos speakers too.

Roav Bolt Google Assistant
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Anker Roav Bolt

Assistant is being built into car accessories, including the Anker Roav Bolt and the JBL Link Drive, which plug into a car's cigarette lighter to connect your phone to the in-car system.

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Orbit B-hyve sprinkler controller​

Orbit B-hyve was already pretty smart. It's a smart sprinkler that replaces the controller for your in ground system and it monitors the weather. At CES 2019, it's getting even smarter. You could already start watering and control your schedule with an app and Amazon's assistant Alexa. Now B-hyve also works with Alexa's main competitor: Google Assistant.

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C by GE smart lighting

GE's current line of smart lighting will enjoy tight integration with Google Assistant. Called C by GE, the lineup contains LED bulbs, light switches and dimmers, plus smart plugs and sensors. 

Capstone Smart Mirror
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Capstone Smart Mirror

Smart mirrors are popping up everywhere at CES 2019 and Capstone Connected Home is jumping in the game with a Google Assistant-enabled model. The touchscreen mirror allows you to download apps from the Google Play store, stream YouTube and ask Google Assistant anything you would in a standard smart speaker. You can also compose emails and messages by typing directly on the mirror. 

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Caseta by Lutron Fan Speed Control

Want to transform your ordinary home ceiling fans into ones with smarts? The Lutron Caseta Fan Speed Control does just that. It also works with Google Assistant, Alexa and the IFTTT platform. 

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Currant Smart Wall Outlet

Use the Currant Smart Wall Outlet to get a handle on how much electricity your devices use. It also lets you control them with Google Assistant and Alexa voice commands.

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D-Link Battery Wi-Fi Water Sensor

Get alerts for home water leaks in real time with this $50 D-Link sensor. It talks to the cloud wirelessly and comes with a 6-foot probe. It's also battery-powered so you can deploy it in lots of spots around the house.

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First Alert Onelink Bell

First Alert, better known for their smoke alarms, now has a video doorbell. Called the Onelink Bell, the connected ringer boasts 1080p HD resolution, a wide-angle lens, night vision, plus two-way audio. It plays nice with Google Assistant and Alexa as well.

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GE Kitchen Hub

The GE Kitchen hub includes recipes and guided cooking via SideChef, but also supports streaming music and movies, video chatting, social networking, smart home controls and built-in Google Assistant smarts, thanks to the GE Appliances U+ Connect platform (formerly the Haier U+ Smart Life Platform). 

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Gourmia 11-in-1 Deluxe Multicooker

Appliance maker Gourmia unveiled a new, smart kitchen appliance. The $150 11-in-1 Deluxe Multicooker works with Google Assistant voice commands. It will also respond to voice instructions you give to Alexa, plus Gourmia's Mia mobile app.

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Innit Kitchen

In the Innit app for iOS and Android, you can find meal recommendations, filter by dietary preferences and watch how-to videos as you cook. You can also send instructions like oven temperature to Wi-Fi-enabled ovens from any brand Innit supports. And now, Innit is coming to the Google Home Hub and other Google Assistant-enabled smart displays with the same helpful resources. 

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KitchenAid Smart Display

KitchenAid has stepped into the smart display ring with its own gadget. The connected appliance is splash-resistant to stand up to kitchen spills. It's also one of a growing number of smart displays powered by Google Assistant.

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Klipsch Bar 40G

Most home theater rigs don't provide much free space to add extra components. Create a little more room with the 40-inch Klipsch Bar 40G sound bar. It's designed to offer the sound of multiple speakers in one. It also boasts native support for Google Assistant. That'll help you avoid additional clutter by not having to squeeze in a smart speaker too.

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Kohler smart bathroom

Have lots of money to burn, and crave a bathroom remodel that puts Google Assistant within easy access? Consider Kohler's smart bathroom collection. The line includes an intelligent toilet, a free-standing bath, a lighted mirror and a lighted three-piece vanity. All have accent lights you can control through voice commands put to Google Assistant. 

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Vuzix Blade

The $999 Vuzix Blade might be the first pair of Alexa-compatible smart glasses. Its creators also say they'll add compatibility with Google Assistant in the future too. The headset takes video and photos, and plays audio through integrated headphones. It can also display images, video, apps and messages, right on the lenses.

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