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Incredibles 2 soars past The Incredibles at global box office

The superhero family hasn't even opened in many countries yet, and they're already punching out the 2004 original.

Who'd win in a fight, the 2004 film The Incredibles, or the 2018 sequel Incredibles 2? Right now, the newer movie is flying out in front. Although the sequel has only been playing theaters for two weeks, it's already surpassed the first film's global box office numbers.

Incredibles 2 has banked $646.8 million (compared with $633 million globally for the original film) with $200 million internationally, and $40.8 of that coming from China. That makes it the second-highest-grossing Pixar film of all time (behind Finding Dory) and third largest animated title ever.

"Most impressive, the film is currently playing in just (approximately) 51 percent of the international marketplace," Box Office Mojo reports

The film opens in France this week and will follow that up with mid-July openings in the UK and South Korea and continue its roll out throughout the year, ending with Germany in late September.