Huge Hulu exec shakeup could be good news for TV and movie lovers

Original content? Licensed content? Whichever you prefer, Hulu will have a dedicated exec overseeing it now.

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Sean Hollister

Hulu has always struggled in the shadow of Netflix, its much bigger rival. (How much bigger? Read this.) Now, new Hulu CEO Randy Freer is making his biggest changes yet in hopes of closing the gap. And that could be good for users like you.

Change #1: Hulu will no longer have a chief content officer. He's gone. But that doesn't mean content isn't a priority -- just the opposite, because of Changes #2 and #3.

Changes #2 and #3: Hulu says it'll now have two dedicated business units working on securing more shows and movies for you, by promoting its Hulu Originals to a "dedicated business function" and creating a new combined Content Partnerships division that'll be solely responsible for licensing third-party TV shows and movies, too. 

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More original content, more licensed content? Perhaps, thanks to the new focus. Hulu's also hinting at more "premium add-ons and innovative new formats" to come -- which brings to mind the recent HBO and Spotify tie-ups.

The exec shakeup's a lot bigger than that, mind you. Hulu's hiring its first chief data officer, hiring a new chief technology officer (from TiVo), expanding the company's marketing, and "aligning the company's technical and product strategy with its core business strategy to more effectively innovate and deliver on consumer and partner needs," according to the company's press release

But as a user, content is still king. 

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