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How to Watch 'M3GAN: Unrated' Right Now

A version of M3GAN with new footage is streaming on Peacock.

A creepy robot doll reads a little girl a story in horror movie Megan.
M3GAN: Unrated is here.

The PG-13-rated version of M3GAN, starring a doll whose unnatural dance moves remain unmatched, debuted in January. Now, an unrated version is invading living rooms.

Could it be hiding another spectacular Sia cover?

In Blumhouse Productions' satirical horror hit, a toy-company roboticist named Gemma (Allison Williams) unexpectedly becomes the caretaker of her young niece named Cady (Violet McGraw). Gemma gives Cady a lifelike AI doll prototype called M3GAN, and things soon go off the toy rails.

Below, you'll find more details about M3GAN: Unrated. A tweet from marketing folks promises it'll show "what really happened." 

M3GAN streaming release date

Both the theatrical version and uncensored version debuted on streaming service Peacock on Friday, Feb. 24.

How to watch the theatrical version

You can now watch the theatrical version at home. The version that was released in theaters was rated PG-13. It costs $20 to buy from Prime Video, Apple TV and Vudu

You can also still watch M3GAN chase a kid on all fours in theaters.

How to watch the unrated version without Peacock

M3GAN: Unrated is available to purchase digitally for $20 at Vudu and Google's Play Store.

The unrated version of M3GAN hits DVD and Blu-Ray on March 21, according to the movie's site.

What will be in the unrated version

The unrated version of M3GAN has previously unreleased footage, according to Peacock's website. 

According to The Wrap, Megan: Unrated doesn't have major plot changes or additions, but there is more profanity and gore. 

Will there be a sequel?

A sequel to M3GAN is scheduled to hit theaters on Jan. 17, 2025, and will include Williams and McGraw, according to Variety.