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Gory Texas Chainsaw Massacre trailer shows saw-wielding Leatherface in action

See the iconic character wreak havoc on a new set of unsuspecting young people in a preview of Netflix's upcoming horror sequel.

Leatherface is back in all his gruesome glory.

Sunday scaries have carried over into a macabre Monday as Netflix dropped a terrifying new trailer for its upcoming Texas Chainsaw Massacre sequel. Now, instead of focusing on the first day of the work week, I'm stuck wondering who's going to evade a brutal hacking from Leatherface.

Netflix's new film follows a group of young people who seek to "start an idealistic new business venture" in the remote Texas town of Harlow and unwittingly disturb the world famous mask-wearing menace. It appears the poor characters will make some of the same ill-conceived choices their predecessors did in the original 1974 slasher. (What are you thinking? Don't wander into that creepy looking house!) 

But the new trailer also shows a TCM that's been updated for the present day. On what looks like a party bus, riders pull out their phones to record Leatherface revving up his chainsaw, oblivious to the slicing and dicing that's about to ensue. "Try anything, and you're canceled bro," one of the phone-wielding bus passengers says.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre lands on Netflix Feb. 18, and joins a hefty lineup of horror classics to be revisited in recent years, like Scream, Halloween and the yet-to-be-released reboot of The Exorcist. The film will be directed by Austin-based director David Blue Garcia, and will feature a story by Fede Álvarez and Rodo Sayagues, who both worked on the horror features Evil Dead and Don't Breathe.