Godzilla: King of the Monsters director makes COVID-19 horror film mashup

Michael Dougherty uses clips from Alien, Dawn of the Dead and more to remind us how to stay safe during the coronavirus lockdown.

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Horror movies have taught us over and over again that it's never wise to underestimate a deadly, new virus. 

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If anyone understands the terrifying circumstances surrounding a deadly virus, it would be a horror film director. 

Michael Dougherty -- best known for Trick 'r Treat, Krampus and Godzilla: King of the Monsters -- teamed up with film editor Evan Gorski to make the ultimate COVID-19 PSA using scenes from famous horror films like The ShiningAlien, Dawn of the Dead, The Thing and The Birds

The YouTube video called "Everything I need to know to survive COVID-19, I learned by watching sci-fi and horror movies" is a great primer on what happens when humans are faced with a scary new virus. 

Notably, there are quite a few horror films already in existence all about fatal viruses getting out of hand. The clips featured in the video show characters struggling with isolation due to dangerous conditions like angry aliens, killer birds, zombies and deadly germs. 

The video not only includes apt dialog from characters talking about the importance of washing hands, wearing masks, keeping your distance from each other, and staying sane during quarantine, it's is also a good reminder of which horror films to watch (or avoid watching if you want to stay positive) during quarantine.

For example, some characters like Jack Torrance in The Shining, don't do so well when isolated from others for too long. Then there's every single zombie movie that starts off as a deadly disease and spreads like wildfire because no one believes the virus can affect them. 


The Shining shows what can happen when some folks can't handle a lengthy lockdown with their family.

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This isn't the first mashup up video to feature fictional characters offering solid advice on staying safe and healthy during the COViD-19 outbreak. In March, a fan-made mashup video called "COVID No More" contained clips of TV characters from The Office, Family Guy, Rick and Morty and more edited together to give helpful tips on what to do during a pandemic.

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