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George R.R. Martin's 'Wild Cards' Is Coming to Marvel

Marvel Comics is tackling Martin's sci-fi superhero story.

Wild Cards Marvel
Wild Cards' Jokers and Aces are coming to Marvel Comics.

Marvel Comics will be releasing Game of Thrones author George R.R. Martin's Wild Cards sci-fi book series as comic books. The limited series will be called The Drawing of Cards, with the first of four issues being released June 1.

Wild Cards spans more than 25 books and 20 short stories by more than 40 authors and was "masterminded" and edited by Martin, and co-edited by Melinda M. Snodgrass.

It explores an alternate reality where the people of Earth have been infected with an alien virus called Wild Card. Some people draw the Black Queen, which means they die from the virus, but most become Jokers, meaning they end up mutated. The luckiest people are called Aces, and are gifted with superpowers.

The first stories from the first Wild Cards novel, originally published in 1987, will be written by Paul Cornell and illustrated by Mike Hawthorne.

"Wild Cards is still a unique take on superheroes, a creation story that's influenced everything since," Cornell said in a statement Friday. "It's an honor and a pleasure to bring all these wonderful stories to their natural home at Marvel."

No word yet on when Martin's Winds of Winter will be released.