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When to start your Game of Thrones rewatch ahead of season 8's premiere

Or your first watch. No judgments.

Rebecca Fleenor Former Project Manager
Rebecca Fleenor was an editorial project manager. She enjoys all things wacky, techie and entertaining, and she's usually off binge-watching films and television shows (and writing them in her spare time).
Rebecca Fleenor
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Winter is no longer coming at an undetermined date, and thank goodness because I am completely out of patience. The final season of Game of Thrones premieres April 14, just 90 days from Monday.

But don't panic! You still have plenty of time to tackle that rewatch you've been procrastinating. Or, if you've recently awoken from a 10-year coma, to watch Game of Thrones for the very first time!

First things first, you're going to need access to HBO Go, which runs $15/month. You can also purchase all seven seasons from YouTube, Amazon Prime, Google Play and iTunes. Each episode costs $2.99 (SD) or $3.99 (HD). Full seasons range from $21 to $39, depending on the season and SD or HD. It's definitely cheaper to just get HBO for three months, but you do you.

There are seven previous seasons of GoT or 67 episodes in total, averaging around 55 minutes per episode. 

So what's your strategy for rewatching? Can you only watch on weekends? Can you commit to watching one episode a day? We've done some helpful math so you can find out when you need to start your watch/rewatch to finish before the April premiere.

By day: Slow and steady

If you like to take your time and watch in small doses, this is the method for you. Realistically most of us are binge-watching junkies and I would encourage you to follow your natural instincts. Pacing is going to be key here. One episode a day is reasonable. If you're headed for a more aggressive daily viewing, be prepared to play catch up on the weekends after you inevitably fall asleep on a weeknight during an important scene like The Red Wedding.

One episode per day... start Feb. 6.

Two episodes per day... start March 11.

Three episodes per day... start March 23.

Five episodes per day... start April 1.

By week: Minibinge

Some folks want to tackle their rewatch week by week. If a weeknight gets busy, it's no big deal. You can always play catch up on the weekend! And if you want to focus on each season as a whole, I highly recommend the "one season a week" plan. While 10 episodes a week might sound like a lot, you'll really be able to appreciate the tonal and thematic shifts between the seasons. 

Five episodes per week... start the week of Jan. 14.

Seven episodes per week... start the week of Feb. 4.

One season per week... start the week of Feb. 25.

By weekend: True binge-watching

Weeknights are the worst. Do you want to hit the gym? Do you need to cook dinner? Do you have small humans that just won't go to bed? Sometimes we have to push our extra curricular activities to the weekend. But keep in mind that unless you start your rewatch ASAP you are going to be in for some seriously lazy weekends. Procrastinating for the win!

Six episodes per weekend... start by Jan. 26.

Ten episodes per weekend... start by March 2.

One season per weekend... start by Feb. 23.

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