Ferris Bueller's Day Off gets a cast reunion with Matthew Broderick

Life moves pretty fast, so don't miss the cast reunion of the John Hughes classic.

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The cast of Ferris Bueller's Day Off.

Josh Gad/YouTube

What would Ferris Bueller make of lockdown? We can speculate with the cast of Ferris Bueller's Day Off, who took time to reminisce over the John Hughes classic. Their Zoom cast reunion is the latest from Josh Gad's nostalgic YouTube series Reunited Apart.

Matthew Broderick looked back at playing Bueller over 30 years ago, and chatted with cast-mates Alan Ruck (Cameron), Mia Sara (Sloane), Jennifer Grey (Jeanie), Cindy Pickett (Katie), Lyman Ward (Tom) and a few more special guests.

Look out for Ben Stein, the man who began his career as a speech writer for US presidents Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford, before taking on his famous role as Bueller's economics teacher.

The cast talk iconic lines and phrases, as well as Stein's famous repetition of Bueller's name. He also tells the story of how he ad-libbed his lines for the most boring lecture ever heard on film.

Jake Gyllenhaal joined in to speculate about how he could play Bueller's son in the hypothetical sequel, and Kenny Ortega discussed his experience choreographing the iconic Chicago parade scene before he later went on to choreograph Dirty Dancing.

Reunited Apart has brought together the casts of The Lord of the Rings, the original Ghostbusters, Tom Hanks' Splash and more. The series fundraises for various organizations that support those affected by COVID-19.

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