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Original 'Everything Everywhere' Hot Dog Hands, Raccacoonie Could Be Yours

Here's your chance to make the multiverse a part of your personal universe.

Michelle Yeoh stars as Evelyn in Everything Everywhere All at Once. This still shows her with a shortish black bob haircut and a white shirt holding up her hands with fingers shaped like hot dogs.
Michelle Yeoh rocks some hot dog hands.

The multiverse madness of Oscar-nominated movie Everything Everywhere All at Once could become part of your personal collection. Production company A24 is auctioning off some key props from the Michelle Yeoh starrer to benefit charity. If you're into hot dog fingers, you're in luck.

Three sets of Everything Everywhere auctions from A24 Auctions opened for bidding on Thursday, with proceeds benefiting the Laundry Workers Center, the Transgender Law Center and the Asian Mental Health Project. The auctions include everything from the Wangs' divorce papers to Jobu's Elvis costume.

Get your mustard and ketchup ready. One of many highlights is a pair of hot dog hands, disturbingly realistic props from the hot dog universe. Raccacoonie -- the Ratatouille-like raccoon figure who helped a chef excel at his art -- will also be up for auction. If you're a big fan of Jamie Lee Curtis as IRS auditor Deirdre Beaubeirdre, you might want to bid on the NSFW auditor-of-the-month trophy.

Jamie Lee Curtis played Deirdre Beaubeirdre and this is her auditor-of-the-month trophy.

A24 Auctions

One of the odder items available is the Wang family's laundry delivery RV. A24 notes the RV is sold as-is. It needs a new transmission, engine, tires and lots of work on the interior. It's not currently street legal, just in case you were thinking of calling it into service for your #vanlife dreams.

Starting bids and the lengths of the auctions will be revealed when the bidding opens on Thursday. A24 says it auctions off props and costumes from its productions "to give these collectible items the second life they deserve, and to give fans a chance to own a piece of A24 history for good -- literally." 

My biggest concern is what would happen if the hot dog hands and Raccacoonie go to the same bidder. That might be too much awesome power to consolidate in one place.